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Acknowledge and

Great Waters Financial recognizes the sacrifices you have made. We celebrate everything you’ve accomplished so far while guiding you to create new possibilities for the future. We mitigate fears and insecurities around finances by empowering you to call the shots in your own financial plan and supporting you as you reimagine your future.

  1. Acknowledge Accomplishments

    There is beauty in the journey that has brought you this far in your life. Pause and celebrate the sacrifices you have made to get you to this point in your life.

  2. Find New Purpose

    With many of your past motivators accomplished – family grown, causes met, career transitioned – now is the time to reflect on what’s next for your life’s meaning and purpose.

  3. Create a Solid Plan

    This next phase of life is often unchartered, and the experience of the past does not apply to this future unknown. Intentional guides are needed to create a secure plan.

  4. Live Greatly

    Once fears around financial security have been mitigated, it is now time to write the new future and to live your best life.

Our process of creating
a solid financial plan is
integral to living greatly.

Awareness and evaluation of financial assets are the beginning. Your individualized team of planners and advisors will analyze, advise, and serve you on all aspects of your wealth. Their assistance is fundamental for establishing smart financial alignment to realize your future goals.

  1. Discovery

    How did you get here? What did you work for? Tell us your whole story. Accomplishments. Disappointments. Future dreams.

  2. Plan Analysis

    Building off our discovery and after analyzing your financial position, we create a year-by-year projection supported by customized strategies of reaching your “next chapter” goals.

  3. Blueprint

    By placing your existing portfolio side-by-side your newly developed plan will show how the vision of your future is easily realized including complete transparency of our fee structure.

  4. Engagement

    This begins the execution of your financial plan. Your client servicing team will help sign the documents that transfer and get your accounts set up, funded, and assist with any ongoing needs relative to your portfolio.

  5. Strategy

    As needed, reviews will be initiated to make sure you’re living greatly and pivot as needs arise.


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Resources to Live Greatly.

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