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We analyze and get a deep understanding of your financial position to help build a solid foundation for you to live greatly.

  • Financial Planning

    We believe it’s important for you to pause and reflect on your financial goals. How do you ensure that you have the financial security you need? What does the next chapter look like to you and how will spending change during it? How do you get the most out of your Social Security? And, if you already have a plan, what changes should be made? It’s our goal to help you build a financial plan in an optimal way to mitigate concerns around accomplishing your life’s objectives.

  • Asset Management

    Integrated with your robust financial plan is a review of your current portfolio. Are you diversified and your assets positioned to accomplish your goals? Are they located in the right type of accounts? Are you maximizing efficiency of investments and using time-tested methodology to produce consistent outcomes? We’ll guide you through a thoughtful process to aligning your portfolio allocation with your financial plan.

  • Tax Strategy

    A considered tax strategy is important in achieving your financial objectives. Are you getting all deductions and credits that are available? How do you maximize the tax benefit of your philanthropy? While accumulating, how do I take advantage of tax qualified accounts? How do you ensure that you avoid costly mistakes when I take money from my accounts? What is the impact of selling investments? How do you minimize the tax you pay on investment gains? Planning can be daunting but with our support you will end up with a well-advised tax strategy.

  • Risk Management

    Are you prepared for market volatility? How does your health insurance costs impact your living greatly? Are you going to be financially secure if you are no longer to work? Does your current life insurance align with your financial goals? We are here to guide you through critical questions.

  • Estate Planning

    To secure your legacy wishes, designing an estate plan is necessary. How do you ensure your estate carries out your wishes? Does your estate support your overall financial plan? Do you have all the necessary legal documents on file? If not, how do you go about creating these documents? Will there be estate tax due and what is the strategy to limit this expense?

  • Living Greatly

    Your journey doesn’t end with a smart financial plan. It’s just the beginning filled with opportunities to engage with life, relationships, and purpose in a fresh way. With the comfort of your financial security, what’s next? Let us guide you through personal reflection and conversation around areas that deserve consideration as you move forward in writing your next chapter.


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At Great Waters, we know there’s more to life—and retirement—than money.

So, while we offer all of the capabilities of a traditional firm to suit your financial needs, we also offer more. Through a highly personalized, immersive process and a unique compensation structure, we meticulously create plans designed to support your holistic needs in this next chapter.

Our highly experienced planners work on salary—not commission—and are not limited by any brand or type of financial instrument. They’re passionate about guiding you in fully envisioning your next chapter, exploring what a purposeful life looks like—and making a plan to support you in living greatly.

To us, “living greatly” is more than a motto or a tagline, it’s our mission in serving you.

It’s the result of a retirement plan that honors the sacrifices you’ve made to get here. A plan that aligns with your values and vision. A plan that supports your legacy and your life.

We know you’ve worked hard and planned carefully to get where you are. So whatever your next chapter looks like, we’re here to help you live it greatly.

To most financial planning firms, “retirement” is nothing more than an account balance. From our years of helping people live greatly, we know that there’s more to retirement than dollars and cents.

When you’re done working, when your kids are grown, how will you find joy and meaning? What do you want to explore, accomplish, or rediscover? And, just as importantly, how will these aspects of life impact your retirement plan?

That’s what we’re here to help you define.

Our planners are more than money managers. They’re highly skilled and passionate about helping you envision retirement beyond the financial. Through our unique planning process, we’ll help you achieve a plan that puts purpose and meaning at the center of your retirement.

At Great Waters, we believe your retirement should serve you—not your advisors. That’s why we developed a business model and fee structure based in integrity and transparency.

Unlike most firms, our planners do not receive commissions on the sale of financial products or a percentage of management fees. Instead, our team is salaried—so that you can have confidence in unbiased service and advice.

Our fees fall into two categories: Planning and Professional Management.

Our Planning Fee covers the discovery and analysis of your current retirement plan, as well as changes recommended to better support your vision for retirement. These may include, but aren’t limited to, income planning, social security timing, protection planning, and risk management. Please note that this fee does not include the execution or management of your revised plan.


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