Living Greatly in Uncertain Times

We’re living in uncertain and rapidly changing times, that’s true.

But now is not a time to panic or to make a rash, emotional decision about your finances that you’ll end up regretting later. Decisions we make out of fear while hunkered down in a silo rarely turn out well.

That’s why we recorded this Q&A video conversation called Living Greatly in Uncertain Times. In it, you’ll get practical, realistic solutions for what you can do now—all from the comfort of your own home.

Because there are always strategic opportunities to see once we pull back from the immediate shock and tunnel vision.

Now is a time to be informed. To regain perspective. To make a plan, or if you already have one—to know it can stand up to the stresses of a bear market. 

In this candid, unscripted conversation between fiduciary advisors Justin Halverson and Nick Foulks you will learn:

  • The most important action you need to take right now
  • Why you do need to face reality (if you’ve been avoiding looking at your portfolio)
  • The 4 biggest opportunities you have right now
  • What to do if you were near retirement—and what to do if you’re already retired
  • How to put together an “all weather portfolio” that holds up to stress tests of worst case scenarios
  • Why you may not want to take Social Security early (and how it affects your spouse)
  • The one tool most people avoid that will help you get through this time
  • How to navigate these decisions with your partner—especially if you’re not on the same page financially

We know this time is not only about staying healthy and protecting yourself and the people you love, but also about protecting your retirement investments.

So wherever you’re at today, we’re here for you. We’ve weathered storms in the past and we will get through this together.