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Redefine Booklet Guide

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An Introduction

Your financial plan is one piece to consider when entering this next season… But what are the other pieces required to build your dream retirement?


When you are able to spend more time around the people you care about, it is important to understand how your relationships can be change. Are you asking the right questions to prepare for change?

Interests & Passions

Throughout life, a large portion of time is spent completing tasks and activities that have to be done. Stepping into this next season you may be regaining a significant amount of free time. The question becomes…How do you desire to use your time?


What does optimal health look like to you? How can you be intentional on achieving it?


What accomplishments are you proud of? How did those accomplishments impact who you are today?


Acknowledging our fears is the first step in breaking free from them. What buried fears could be holding you back?


Time brings change. What has how you valued stayed the same? How are your values changing?